What is the price?

Price varies depending on quantity contact us to get a price proposal

How big are the CaricatureWall pictures?

8 by 8 inches (20 by 20 cm)  and just under 1/8 inch thick (3mm)

Do you have any other sizes besides 8 by 8?

Yes we do, caricature wall premium offers 11 by 11 inch (28 by 28 cm)

How Fast will my order arrive?

Orders of 50 caricatures take around 3 weeks from the time you upload your pictures until the products are at your door.

Can you make it faster?

Yes we can, if you have a specific event you need your caricatures to, let us know and we would do our best to help.

How do the pictures stick?

There are four sticky pads on the back of each tile. You peel the protective paper off each pad and stick the tile to the wall. Easy peasy

Can I remove the pictures?

Yes! CaricatureWall pictures are designed for moving around. Just pop them off the wall and stick them somewhere else. You can do this as often as you want.

And my walls wont be damaged?

Nope,not at all!

Any discount for larger orders?

Yes, talk to us, we would give you all the details

Is there a minimum photo resolution I should use?

To get a great caricature a photo should be at least 800 by 800 pixels, smaller photos will be harder to work with so we would not recommend  using them.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship to The U.S and Israel only

Where do i upload the pictures?

We will send you a link, no worries

What kind of pictures should I use?

You can upload pictures from any source FB/linkedin/Company directory.

Can you produce in small quantities?

Yes we want to make every new employee feel right at home

How are the caricatures made?

Each caricature is hand made by our artists.

Do we get the caricatures files?

Yes you do, and you can use it in Linkedin, company directory  or where ever you want.